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Don't rely on reviews from strangers. Hollr is a browser extension that shows you your friends' favorite products... all with no extra clicks and no separate apps.

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Discover your friends'

Hollr makes it easy to share your favorite purchases and find relevant recommendations from friends and online communities.


How it works


Join your friends on Hollr

Add the extension to your browser and pin it.


Shop like normal

Don't change a thing about how you shop. A couple weeks after you buy an item, we'll ask you if you want to recommend it.


Recommend what you love
& get rewarded

Share your favorite purchases with friends and earn trust when they make a purchase and like it. Redeem trust for rewards.


Get recommendations
& stay on trend

Find recommendations wherever you shop, from the people you know.

Inspiration awaits

Make decisions easier

Spend less time sifting through reviews. Buy with confidence.

Find inspiration

Your friends have a lot of good ideas.
Get inspired for your next outfit, home improvement project, WFH setup, and more.

Get rewarded for being you

Shop like you normally would and share what you genuinely like.
Earn trust and redeem rewards.



Where can I find the extension?

  1. Make sure you've added the hollr extension on the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click on the puzzle piece icon in the upper right corner of your browser and find the hollr extension
  3. Click on the pin button; now the extension will stay in your toolbar at the upper right

What kinds of things can I share with my friends?

You can share any of your favorite purchases. We'll give you time to try out the item first and then prompt you to share your thoughts.

How do I make a recommendation?

Look for the "Share with hollr" button wherever you shop. Also look for notifications prompting you to share a purchase.

Which websites can I share recommendations from?

Hollr works across thousands of e-commerce websites.

Where can I view my friends' recommendations?

You can view your friends' recommendations in your feed within the extension, or in the sidebar on the website you're shopping on.

I can't find some of my friends on hollr. Where are they?

Tell them to join!